Thursday, March 26, 2009

Help Street Children

When I read about poverty-stricken people’s lives in tabloids, I usually feel sorry for them. And then I go over to the next article, and the next, until I find nothing more interesting. I lay the paper aside and that’s just about it.

But when I personally witnessed that such an undignified lifestyle exists, I felt pity and much disgust! Reading those facts is one thing, seeing them is… argh… W T F! The entire alleyway they considered home is littered with trash - from candy wrappers to body excrements. And the air, eew, it smells awful!

Even after months of seeing them, passing by near their alleyways, I never got used to their existence. How can I be? The word snatcher seems to be spelled all over the place. Yes, a mind can be a terrible thing especially if you are paranoid. What more if you’re hungry, days at most.

Thank God nothing out of the ordinary happened when I was there, at least for me (I’ve borrowed so many from Him - my 3rd actually).

Strangely for me, they all seem quite happy. Huwwaatt?!. They more likely have gotten so used to living this way for who knows how long that they probably don’t see anything unsanitary in their street homes.

Unclothed toddlers sit by the sidewalk playing with whatever is lying around. Beside them are their irresponsible parents, neglectfully watching. Their lola, who seemed to have lost it, is constantly barking at an imaginary companion standing by a post.

Something must be done, I am not sure what, otherwise this type of upbringing will eventually take its toll on those poor kids.

The occasional breakfast I hand over to one of the kids only provides morning relief. Used broken toys re-packaged as Christmas gifts by nearby condo residents gave the kids momentary joy until these toys break even more. None of what were given to them is lasting, but we cannot spoon-feed them to their laziness either.

So what now? Hmm… I think a REAL government subsidized education can help our street children.

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