Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Time Pregnancy

Getting married is one of the most stressful and luxurious event in my life. So right after marriage my wife and I agreed not to have any babies, at least not within the first year. Or so that was our plan.

Barely a month after marriage, our in-laws were lightly throwing off cues that they want to become grandparents soon. Aah ok, let’s wait and see – after a year that is (ehehehe).

Couple more months passed and the light cues have turned to in-your-face inquisition as to whether my wife is already positive or what. It has even come to a point that if “nothing” happens in the coming months my in-laws would drag me to a fertility expert for a count.

Was I being threatened? Well, in a way, yes. My in-laws feared that their remaining years won’t last that much to see their would-be grandchild reach puberty.

Halfway through the first year of our marriage, my wife felt the most unusual dawn ever. She feels nauseous and craving for something at the same time. A few drips on pregnancy kit proved positive. I felt relieved more than being happy – relieved that my in-laws would no longer hound me.

Pre-natal check-up the next day confirmed that she was already two months pregnant. Further test revealed “spotting” as a result of strenuous activity. Her obstetrician advised to take at least two weeks rest with medication or risk losing the baby. No more pilates sessions for her.

A follow-up check at the end of second week showed considerable reduction in spotting. She was given a go signal to resume work.

The rest of her days up to the hour she gave birth were crammed with weird cravings, odd dislikes, abdominal pains, awkward stances, swollen nose and limbs, uncontrollable farts, and indescribable joy beyond anything we had ever experienced.

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