Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Practical Buying Through eBay

Have you ever wanted to buy a digital camera but just can’t afford it yet (at least not for the next couple of years)? Have you been skipping meals for days (not counting the last few months) that you’re barely indistinguishable from an Egyptian mummy just to save up on your dream 8GB iPhone? Did you suddenly camouflage yourself as an ever obedient whiz kid look-a-like hoping that your (now suspicious) parents would increase your allowance? Hmm…

With the global economic decline you’re better opt saving for your future. Just relax, take it easy. Think twice before spending that hard-earned cash. But if you do are intent on getting it, that no Berlin wall or piranha-infested river is going to stop you anyway, might as well make sure your every penny counts.

But how can you possibly get the best bang for your buck? Well for one, don’t buy on impulse. Let it soak in the geek market for a while, listen for feedbacks. See if the product functions as advertised or find out which store offers the most discount.

Ok then, assuming that you now have a target store in mind, it still may not be the cheapest place to buy. Bear in mind that stores get their product from suppliers who in turn import them from somewhere else. Each of this transfer necessitates an overhead cost which is eventually passed on to consumers. In short, you get to pay more for the item.

So where to go now? Perhaps you can try on eBay! “E” what?!

A couple of years back it maybe unheard of. But with the availability of budget DSL providers, more and more people are becoming aware of it.

eBay is, in general, an internet-based advertising medium. Sellers can advertise their products, buyers can search (and compare) them – all for free! Of course sellers can opt for premium privileges but that is another matter.

Is it safe to buy through eBay? If you follow their safe trading practices – YES! The entire “thing” may take a while getting used to so just read their guidelines and you won’t be lost. Remember, on-line help is always available.

What’s great with eBay is their feedback system. It immediately informs the buyer how reliable a particular seller is. A higher positive rating means that a seller is trustworthy while a negative rating means you should be wary. Comments are always included that further justifies a seller’s rating.

Have I tried eBay? Ah yes. But have I bought anything through it? Also yes, I’ve made a number of purchases there ranging from pirated (oops) CDs to Braun brush heads, and home theater system to huge Samsung LCD TV.

How cheap did I get them? Less than half their current mall prices at that time plus I get their same manufacturer’s warranty.

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