Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby's Almost Ready, But Are You?

Getting pregnant is a miracle every couple desires. It’s the definitive joyous moment when a husband becomes a father and a nagging wife well… an even more nagging mother.

No pun intended here, dealing with pregnancy is no easy task. There are lots of sacrifices to be made – friends, weekly night outs, foods, PSP, and the internet. W-w-what?!

Ah yes, both partner need to put a clamp on certain habits. Limitations have to be set forth and understood that this family, this baby, preparing her (or him) for the world to see is the number one priority.

There’s no way to be completely prepared for the time when the baby is conceived. But there are a multitude of steps that can be taken to make the transition a smoother one. From selecting the right baby name (single or dual, hopefully not a phrase) to choosing the right hospital (near, trust-worthy, and within your means), from deciding between breast feeding (still the best for babies) and bottled formula to choosing between old-fashioned cloth nappies and disposables diapers.

But the more the parents attempt to get ready, the more they get frenzied with the flurry of activities. Nevertheless, a good preparation will help them get hold of a better approach even for the more hectic pace that awaits them after their baby is born.

After nine months of waiting, the big DAY is just around the cervix.

So for all you future parents (or already parents expecting another addition to the family), are you ready for your baby’s arrival?

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