Saturday, June 6, 2009

Playstation is History

I always envied other people talking of how much fun they had playing on their Playstation (PS) console. Back then I knew this wasn’t priority in the family, daily expenses were taxing enough for my old folks.

By the time I had my first work, I was able to save enough to celebrate my first Christmas as an employee with my girlfriend and my family.

So I bought myself a budget-deal PS with several games to boot! Hot, hot, hot! And to cool things down a bit, I had it gift-wrapped. Now I’m even more excited for the eve of unwrapping.

Anyhow, after several years of buying accessories, dance pad, light gun, movie card, memory cards, and bundles of CD games (pirated ehehehe), my much-loved PS gave up on me (weep). No amount of electronic resuscitation was able to breathe life onto its mother board. Or was it the optical assembly?

It’s been years since I last played with it. Once it was at the pinnacle of family home gaming, it’s Jurassic by today’s standards.

I’ll never forget my PS. Hmm… where is it anyway?

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