Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying for Baby

Full set or not? Do not buy a complete set of clothing and accessories for your newborn as is usually recommended by most stores. Use their list merely as a guide, not a must have. If ever there are any unfamiliar items in list, ask then think it over.

Every baby is different and therefore every baby’s (and the parent’s as well) needs are different. Remember – a store’s goal is to sell as much stocks as possible, yours is to get the best for your baby and your budget.

How often do you wash? Buy only the smallest suggested number of clothing if you’re planning on doing the laundry on a day-to-day basis. But if that’s not possible and your only available time is during weekends, then buy the largest reasonable number.

I beg your clothing. Hand-me-downs baby clothes from friends or family can save you a lot of money. If you trust where they’re coming from and they do appear to be quite useable, why not gratefully accept them.

You may initially think that the hand-me-downs aren’t exactly your style, but they sure might come in handy for those days when you just couldn’t do any laundry. It wouldn’t hurt to give your wallet a break. Remember to cross out similar items from your shopping list.

This one looks nice, and that too! Restrain yourself from buying items you won’t be needing right away (high chair, potty trainer, toys, and bike). Also hold back on your buying impulse for items you might end up not using at all simply because you might have too much too many. If possible, better wait until you’ve received all your gifts.

Comfy yet trendy. I know we love our babies to always look good. But when it comes to clothing, do consider baby’s convenience and comfort first, and fashion second. Look for garments made of soft easy-care fabrics that uses poppers instead of buttons (baby might be able to chew one off), with head openings that are roomy, and bottoms that conveniently open when it’s time to change diapers. Avoid rough seams that tend to irritate baby’s skin. Stretchable fabrics provide enough room for growth; you won’t believe how fast they outgrow their clothes during the first year.