Thursday, June 18, 2009

Willing to Clean Baby's Poop?

Eew! No matter who or how many times people say “it’s your baby’s anyway” I still find poops icky. Yes I’m the daddy but wiping poops is not in my agenda. No @#$%& way! Let mommy do it (ehehehe).

Ever since we took the baby home, it was my wife who does the cleaning. I was in charge in disposing the dirty nappies.

Well guess what? God has His ways and made me realize.

My wife and I were having a hard time figuring out which formula brand is best for her. One brand we tried gave her frequent colic problems; the other occasional stomach upsets affecting the texture of her poop.

And one time, my baby was crying hysterically. Since she hasn’t pooped the entire day, we assumed she was constipated. Upon checking with her doctor, we were advised to use rectal stimulation.

With my wife comforting and holding our baby steady, I gently inserted a poop-inducing tablet up the baby’s rectum. The tablet was just halfway in when my baby started pooping uncontrollably. I held the tablet in place with my thumb while the rest of my palm caught most of her poop.

My hand was a mess but I was happy my baby got a relief. Imagine the story my wife had to share with my in-laws.


  1. Okay - this is just TOO funny. I laughed so hard that my husband had to see what was so funny. Lucky for us, this has never been an issue.

    Might I recommend that next time your child needs a bit of rectal assistance --- try prunes first. Even for small babies, a spoonful of prunes goes a long way in relieving constipation.

    It's a good thing God gave us soap, now isn't it?

  2. Ooh I can still remember that moment. From the intensity of her crying, she sounded she needed an immediate relief.

    We called her doctor, gave us 2 choices - prune juice or "that" whitish cold tablet. For fast relief, we went for the tablet.

    And boy was it REALLY fast!

    We changed her brand of milk and I took a bath :-)