Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Willing to Get Up at Night?

From feeding, pooping to cleaning, your baby demands a lot of attention. There is basically nothing she can do to comfort herself. This translates to less time in doing your usual habits to more of babysitting and waiting for her to go to sleep.

Pretty much an easy task during daytime when your senses are all fired up. Besides, babysitting can be shared by whoever in the household is awake.

But during night time, first time parents may find it very daunting. No more revitalizing uninterrupted good night sleeps as you are likely to get up as often as every couple hours. You have to be alert at the very instant the baby cries.

The first time you wake up, you’re a little hesitant but you crawled out of bed anyway. Still sleepy, you managed to give your little bundle of joy her milk. Then you slithered back to bed.

Barely 2 hours has passed, your baby is up and crying again. She’s uncomfortable from the mess accumulating under her nappy. With eyes half open, you placed the baby onto a bassinet, removed her diaper, gently wiped her clean, and put on a clean diaper. You lay her back on her crib, made a quick dash to the kitchen trash (diaper may stink in the room), and checked back on baby to see if she’s ok. Afterwards, you went back to sleep.

Then for some reason (that you’re beginning to suspect that your baby doesn’t want you to leave her side), baby is up and crying… again. Perhaps she needs a cuddle this time.

You see, as soon the baby is out, you may only get a free pass to sleep once the baby herself is deep in her sleep.

To lessen the hassle on your night crusade, have everything you might need within reach. Organize small things such as creams, ointments, and bottled medicines so as avoid mistakingly using one from the other. If possible, keep mostly needed daytime stuffs within the room so you don't have to scamper to downstairs for a clean cloth.

The sooner you satisfy a baby's midnight dilemma, the lesser chance she'll burst into crying, the sooner she’ll probably get back to sleep.

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