Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flood Aftermath... Cleaning, Repairing & Scrapping

The flood brought about by typhoon Ondoy in our city of Marikina made it clear that aside from raging currents, sheer volume can cause just as much problem.

Our local church was damaged and is now dangerously sitting on a rift. Much of its contents have been dragged by raging waters.

Streets are unpassable due to knee-deep muds. What are we supposed to do in emergency cases such as this?

Unlawful residents who brave to live near the river are responsible for looting a submerged vehicle.

This is where I used to live way back during my childhood.

The water level can be clearly seen from the marks on the walls, door, and curtain.

Electronic gadgets, hundreds of computer parts, magnetic medias, telescopes, toys, clothing, diplomas, yearbooks - all drenched in mud.

Hopefully, most of these can still be salvaged.

A handful of residents (mostly renters) have already left their homes for good. But for those of us who poured in a lot of investments simply stayed, keeping our fingers forever crossed that this never ever happen again.


  1. Aw, pakopya ng malalaking pictures!

  2. Ayaw ko na nga maalala ulit 'yon, katakot eh. Tinago na namin...