Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Surviving the Marikina Flood

About a decade ago, when our small village was first struck by flood, everyone was caught unaware. It was barely raining, not even a storm signal from the past couple of days, and yet the water rose chest-high inside our house. Everyone was wondering just where did all the water come from?

What’s even startling way back was almost everyone was already deep in their sleep. Imagine yourself waking up with murky waters all around you. That’s one overflowing nightmare I never ever thought I would get soaked to one day. Survival - that's all we had in mind.

The recent flooding in our small village has brought back alarming memories of what happened 10 years ago. Good thing it was daytime, so even though we cut off the main power inside the house, we can still find our way through.

Still, the same question kept bugging the village residents. Where did the flood water come from? Rain from typhoon Ondoy? Or irresponsible discharge from dam waters?

We endured stronger typhoons before, the type where raindrops felt like dull needles piercing the skin. Some storms even lasted for days but never gave any indication of river water brimming out.

@#$%& dam officials! A little warning could help residents.



The following day...

The river after the flood...

Finally, got help from a private contractor on the 5th day...

Still cleaning on the 6th and 7th days...


  1. taga provident ka rin? I'm from summer homes. ganyan din nangyari samin :(

    first time in 15 years that we experienced this. Sobrang taas.

    my tale can be read here: marikinacity.wordpress.com

  2. First time ko naka-experience ng baha hanggang kili-kili sa loob ng bahay, that was 10 years ago. Ngayon medyo mababa sa loob pero kotse ko naman nalubog sa labas Migs.