Saturday, February 20, 2010

Moving to Windows 7

Why Windows 7 Again?
Because it is new! But new does not necessarily means better. It depends - depends on different hardware configurations and COSTS.

If your PC has less than 4GB of RAM, I would not recommend you to upgrade to Windows 7... yet. No, don’t be silly.

I saw a guy once in Bohol, when I was in IDEA Philippines, who had installed Windows 7 on his office PC having only 1GB of RAM. What the heck? I guess he wanted something new, which he probably thinks it is better than Windows XP. I wanted to explain to him the advantages and disadvantages between Windows XP and 7 in the simplest clear-cut way.

However, the problem is... I don’t speak Boholano – the native dialect in Bohol. Worse is I don’t know how to do sign language either. (sigh) Yes, he is deaf. "Que sera, sera".

Thought I must admit, somehow I was amazed, because Windows 7 actually ran fine on that office PC. But is somewhat slower that its previously installed Windows XP.

To simplify your choice of whether to upgrade to Windows 7 or not, I came out with a very simple equation:

If any of the 3 variables is false, then you should stick with Windows XP. If your PC is already running Vista, but has less than 4GB RAM, then you should upgrade downgrade your Vista to Windows XP. If your PC is already running a Windows 7 32-bit version, then you should downgrade to Windows XP also. You only have two choices here: either Windows XP or Windows 7 64-bit.

Everything Else is a Moot Point
If your PC is already running Vista 32-bit, or Windows 7 32-bit, then you might as well go back to Windows XP; because Windows XP is a lesser resource hog and can run your programs faster than any 32-bit OS.

Windows 7Home Professional Ultimate
 Retail Upgrade $119 $199 $219 
 in Peso ≈P5,000 ≈P9,000 ≈P10,000 
Official Windows 7 Editions Pricing
We live in a third world country. There are alternative ways of getting Windows 7 to your PC without spending P10,000 in cold cash... legally (wink).

Contributed by: Emil Baseleres


  1. I am currenty vista, 64 bit, got free version of 7; but loading it seems very complicated and risky. Is it easier to downgrade to XP? I read some of the instruction and there were PAGES and PAGES that came with 7, it was over whelming. It's not a matter of putting in the CD. Looked like it would take HOURS and then some. I called a local Staples with a tech department and they wanted $200.00 I think to add my 7.

    Don't like Vista, afraid to try loading 7 myself,

    please hop over and let me know your thoughts.

  2. Hello Sandy,

    You're already running Vista 64-bit, then don't go back to Windows XP.

    Installing Windows 7 is faster and easier than installing Windows XP. And if your LAN devices are detected by Windows 7, you can easily install and update all your hardware devices via the Windows Updates!

    I don't like Vista too. Don't be affraid to try Windows 7. Whatever could go wrong can be easily fix without paying someone. It's one of those do-it-your-self kind of tinkering. The difference is there's no way you can damage your laptop/PC. Unless you smash it.

  3. I currently running Win XP, then upgrade to Windows 7, the theme looks very cool and a lot of new features very intersting me and the most important: my laptop can run it smoothy with only 2GB of RAM ( not too slowly when using Vista )

  4. Thank goodness for Windows 7. Windows Vista on the other hand (and in my opinion) is really a failure.

  5. I am on WinXP, tried out the new Windows 7, and find it cool. The hardware drivers are much better than Vista, which I heard is horrible. But too bad have to revert back to Win XP after about 3 months. Went through the "indirect" means to get Windows 7 installed, but after some security patches, Microsoft label the software not legal. I think they found out eventually.