Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lunch Time? PSP Network Gaming Time

Tekken 6 - Bloodline Rebellion
If only Namco is able track usage of their PSP titles, they might be surprised to find that Tekken 6 has been played on almost every PSP unit out there.

Who wouldn't be? Tekken is such a hit among arcade fanatics that a portable release would be a sin to miss. Even after a short while of playing, you will probably itching to test your cramped button smashing skills against a human opponent.

This is what Tekken 6 is really about - versus mode and ranking. And the fluid fight animation… makes one imagine how intimidating he can be if he can just pull those amazing combos in real life.

Who’s the better button smasher now?
 Genre:   Fighting   Online Play:   2 

If you have seen the movie, you might have second thoughts wanting to give this game a try. This is a youth-oriented racer; dads like me with discerning driving tastes prefer realistic versions.

But then again, its multiplayer value is so much fun to play. Handling of the cars are relatively easy, powerslides aren’t that difficult to pull, and cars don’t wreck at all. In fact, everything is so simple I was wondering why I can’t even beat my lunch pals to the finish.

Ok so I wasn’t paying attention to those power boosts, devious shortcuts, and falling debris. And are those mini-tornadoes in the middle of the track? And my car can jump over those mud pits at will?
 Genre:   Racing   Online Play:   4 

Twisted Metal - Head On
A lot of people liked its series so much that it has earned the game the classic status. If you’re not familiar with the series, the game’s feel is similar to first-person shooters only this time you use vehicles.

The objective of the game is to be the last car standing by blowing stuffs around (not just opponent) with extreme prejudice. Your options… machine guns, missiles, mines, ricochet bombs, napalm, freeze attack – you name it. Not to mention that each of the vehicles have special abilities as well.

Let the network mayhem begin.

After a while of looking for power-ups and scouting for the best spot to assault my buddies, I felt woozy. I guess my eyes are not built for games with 360 degree explorable surroundings. I get nauseous even after a few minutes.

We had a blast playing, if it wasn’t for my weak point. I will rest my eyes for now… payback later.
 Genre:   Car Combat   Online Play:   6 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Far Would You Go in Enforcing Discipline

Up to what extent would you try to discipline your child? That depends, you might say, on how old your child is and on what he or she has done.

If your daughter made a mess on the wall with mom’s favorite lipstick, would you give her a day’s scolding? If your son made a small but visible dent on dad’s car while learning how to ride a bike, would you ground him for a week?

Or would you rather take it everything else to the physical level?

For whatever wrongdoing your child has done, none would be probably more extreme than what this mother had done to discipline her son.

Salve G (not her full name), arrived home one night and noticed that they have no electricity. Upon inquiry, she found out that her son had cut most of their electrical wiring and sold them for a meager sum.

Irate, she confronted her son who’s already lying in bed. But she couldn’t care less for any response; all she wants is for the power to be restored ASAP.

Growing furious, she grabbed a hanger and a broomstick and used it on his son like a mad caller beating his drum in a dragon boat race.

Initially, her son would try to cover up. But her striking never ceased, from foot to head as she pleased.

The mother only stopped when she herself grew tired. Her son just laid there, no groan, no visible signs of grimacing.

It was then she realized she that had done the unthinkable. Her son was brought to a nearby hospital where nurses were able to resuscitate him… albeit temporarily.

She felt so guilty and sorry. But her words of apology meant nothing now as her son’s body finally conceded from her own harsh doing.

I’m not a perfect dad but I don’t think I’ll be that insensitive when it comes to enforcing discipline in the house. Punishment is pretty much ok but as most parents have put it “…make the punishment fit the crime”.

There are many ways to implement discipline such as the non-violent (scolding, isolation, grounding, etc.) and non-punitive (rewards, natural consequences, reason, etc.) approach.

As parents, we have a God-given responsibility to train our children and prepare them for the future. Intimidating helps but we must never lose sight that we are guiding our children into behaving properly and making the right decisions.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Free Cataract Removal at Asian Eye Institute

Are you suffering from a hazy or blurred vision? Do you observe “halo” around street lights at night, particularly with one eye?

If you are driving at night, does oncoming headlights appear to be a bit more glaring than they were before? When you look at yourself at the mirror, is there a clouding that develops in the black of your eye?

If you notice any of these symptoms, then you might have a cataract.

The good news is Asian Eye Institute (AEI), a world-class ambulatory eye care center in the Philippines, is conducting a limited sponsored seat in their free cataract removal program.

Is It Really For Free?
Yes! AEI is continually developing new technologies that aim to provide better results for cataract patients. Participation in these ground-breaking studies is provided at no cost to patients.

How Do I Know If I'm Eligible?
You must have a cataract in one eye. If both eyes have cataracts, only one eye will be treated.

You also must have “virgin” eyes. By their definition, neither eye should have undergone any eye surgery or operation of any kind.

That’s It, Nothing Else?
Lastly, qualified participants must be diligent to report for follow-up check-ups. Participants will be interviewed by doctors to determine if they are going to have problems with this agreement.

Come on, with treatment and medication provided on the house, why not be gracious enough and personally report to them your progress.

Ok, I Want To Join!
So, if you are interested and you think you are eligible, please contact Ms. Dieza Aninao at (+632) 898-2020 local 510 for more information and ask for an appointment.

Asian Eye Institute's primary clinic is located at Rockwell, Makati.