Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is Japan Being Punished?

Amidst the drama, the rubble, and the threat of nuclear fallout, a small group of animal activists who have bore witness to Japan’s massive animal abuse can’t help but wonder if the country is being punished.

But by who? God? Who knows.

Tens and thousands of dolphins and porpoises are being hunted every year in Japan’s whaling industry. Although the practice occurs in places as far as South Pacific, North Pacific, and in South America, Japan’s immense ecological crime is incomparable.

The 2010 documentary film, The Cove, was a call to change (if not, end) Japanese fishing practices, and to inform and educate the public about the increasing hazards.
The film highlights the fact that the volume of dolphins hunted in a small town of Japan alone is several times greater than that of the whales caught in the Antarctic.

This may be hard to believe and inappropriate to discuss as of the moment with regards to their current crisis. They still need every help and support they can get.

You can lend a helping hand through the following:

 • American Red Cross
 • Global Giving
 • Save the Children

But for those who are genuinely interested or just plain curious about the documentary, here is how you can probably see the film:

Get the DVD copy Get the Blu-ray copy

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