Friday, April 3, 2009

Simple Way to Make a Child Obey

For a 3 year old or any other child for that matter, everything has to be fun. That’s why during meal time they run; they get bored sitting on one place. Or when watching Barney DVD, they dance. And even during nap time, they jump incessantly making it impossible for you to sleep.

On the other hand, parents enjoy watching their children play. Especially when, at their young age, they pretend to be grown-ups and try to do the things that we do.

What’s even amusing is when they start to demonstrate their creativeness. Dolls become babies, battery-operated animals become the real thing, and household wares become their toys.

When they’ve grown tired of playing they just leave their play things behind. Creating a mess is their expertise, returning them to order is a back-bending task they leave to their parents. Argh!

Last night, my daughter was having fun with her flash cards. She asked me to play with her and so I did. I then laid out a few cards on the bed forming a crude shape of a fish. She’s all smiles at my creation and took the rest of the cards I was holding. She then proceeded to create her own art and made her daddy proud

Bed time came, my wife asked her to clean up her mess. Even though hesitating, my daughter shoved everything to the floor. Too tired to argue, my wife asked me to make our daughter obey. No problem. My daughter doesn’t like to see me angry so I’m 100% sure I can make her.

Boy I was wrong. The minute I told her she just covered herself with pillow. Angered, I made her sit from where I was. I ordered her again, she didn’t make an effort. Now I’m losing patience. But no matter how I asked her she won’t move a limb.

Then came the waiting game. I knew she will get tired of sitting and will eventually go to bed. The moment she tried climbing the bed I stopped her. I made her a deal that if she likes to go to bed I’d let her but only after she picks up her “cardy” mess.

No good, she preferred to sit than clean up. I can see that she’s tired but I just wanted her to comply. I have to otherwise she wins… again (sigh).

Hmm… last try. Since I had the laptop open, I decided to play her new favorite cartoon – Tarzan. The intro caught her attention. I tried to deal with her again that I’ll let her watch Tarzan if only she’ll comply with what I’ve been asking her.

Eager to watch, she started piling up her flash cards. Wow, I finally made her! I think I know what to do next time.

Rewarding kids for their good behavior may not be the optimum approach but I consider it healthier than employing physical intimidation.

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