Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Babies Make a Difference in Our Lifestyles

So, you’ve known each other for quite awhile, had fun together, watched a couple of movies, met a few folks from each clan, had occasional disagreements here and there, and so forth. You undoubtedly understood each other’s temperament and went on to tie the knot. In other words, you got married.

Fast-forwarding life a bit, your wife’s now about to give birth and show the world your little bundle of joy. Yeah… you already told yourself you’re really looking forward to having this baby. But still there is a teeny weeny part of you that worries that the lifestyle you and your spouse have been so used to will change completely.

Well guess what? It will! Most of everything about your lifestyle will.

No one is telling you to give up your leisure life (though I’m pretty sure that’s what my wife wants me to do) but there will be a new member of the family and she (or he) is going to need you more than anything else you have.

Quite a number of important aspects in your married life will change – priorities, attitudes, eating patterns, budgets, romance, and sleeping patterns.

Baby first before anything else. Remember, your baby can’t do anything for herself so you have to provide the things she needs. When she’s hungry, you give her milk. When she needs cleaning, you have to do so immediately to prevent rashes. When she sleeps, you make sure that there are no bedbugs and that her sleeping area is not a risk (unsecured cribs, big pillows can smother) to her.

Baby and wife needs extra caring from dad. Giving birth takes a lot of energy (not to mention courage) from your wife. So after birth, it’s fairly expected that she’s going to be weak at least for a couple of weeks. Aside from your baby, you have to take care of your wife as well.

A lot of tolerance needed. A crying baby can be irritating to handle for first time parents. You may think that isn’t a big deal. Probably… because you’re awake. But wait until your supposedly good night sleep is interrupted every two hours (when your baby’s hungry, needs cleaning, or cuddling).

You will have to learn to deal with it eventually. Like it or not, your sleeping pattern will never be the same again.

Adjustment has always been a challenge for most parents. But if you prepare yourself emotionally and financially, they can be exciting too!

Little babies do make a difference in our lives. Just how much of it will change depend on you, your spouse, and of course your baby. Later on you may find that you do not really miss your “child free lifestyles” like you originally thought you would.

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