Friday, February 12, 2010

Reyes Barbecue Misfit

Think all Reyes Barbecue franchisees are the same? Think again.

There is one Reyes Barbecue branch that I know of that would be a shame to recommend to anyone... unless of course, they don't know the unique flavor Reyes Barbecue has been known for.

Why? Because I brought my wife to one and was disappointed right after our very first bite. Their java rice tasted just like steamed rice unevenly sprinkled with yellowish something color. Their barbecue tasted only good on the outside. And once you sink your teeth in, you are at a loss as to what you were eating in the first place.

Well at least their peanut sauce is there to patch things up. A good try but the rest is an overall letdown. And as I look around, I could not see a single satisfied face. They look at their food, they look at the menu, and they look at each other as if wanting to complain. Too bad they’ve already shelled out their hard earned bucks.

For non-Philippine residents wanting to know more about Reyes Barbecue, click here.

Going back, I can only think of three lame reasons why this branch is a non-conformist.

Saving Money on Supplies?
It doesn’t take a genius to think that they can prolong their supplies if they reduce the amount of ingredients used in spicing up their menus. Less stuffs used today, more supply for the future.

Either that or they are using sub-standard ingredients not in the list of the heavily guarded Reyes Barbecue recipes.

Are Customers a Bunch of Idiots?
When customers are dead hungry, they will probably pay for and eat just about anything that smells good on the table. You bet. Most won’t probably be able to tell the difference between the REAL Reyes Barbecue-quality dishes and their inferior version.

They may be able to fool first time customers but regular patrons… unlikely

Negligent Staff?
Or (just a thought) an unhappy employee is trying to bring down the Reyes Barbecue legacy by serving poor tasting food? A company is only as strong as its weakest employee. If there is one who barely walks along on the trail of Reyes Barbecue perfection, the rest is likely to suffer.

If this branch goes unchecked by the Reyes Barbecue enterprise ASAP, new comers will start to think that this is the best (?) of what they have to offer.

The branch I'm referring to? The one located inside SM Marikina.


  1. tsk tsk tsk... mind-boggling indeed...

  2. Honga noh, thanks for pointing out pre :-P

  3. hi :) fyi only, you posted the wrong website. the official and only website of reyes barbecue is , which includes the list of all company-owned and franchised outlets.

    thank you for your feedback. rest assured that this matter will be taken care of. it is through customers like you that we are able to improve our service.

    you may email me at

    thanks :)

  4. I think since it is cheaper that is why they are giving sub standard quality. That's why whenever I feel like eating their chicken barbecue, I go straight to aristocrat! xoxo

  5. Thanks for taking time glacson. From the link you gave, there are now 3 URLs claiming to be the official Reyes BBQ site. I just used the one that ranks on top of the search list.

    I love your Kalayaan branch in Taguig, my 1st Reyes BBQ experience.

  6. tapos same lang ang price? ang bbq per piece is 40php dito samin. dati i remember I can buy for only Php50 bbq with rice na yun.

    anyway, naku. love ko din reyes bbq. baka mabulyawan ko sila pag di ganun ang taste na ineexpect ko.

    yun pong sa holy cow, sayang lang din ang money if you're going for the steak. anyway, baka di lang maganda ung meat that time. pero panget naman kung di consistent diba? better try chef's quarter. ^^

  7. I almost thought I could let my wife have a sneak taste of my usual lunch menu at work. I was wrong - so wrong. I don't know if I could convince her to eat there... again.

    There's another branch pa actually sa Riverbanks Marikina. Residents probably learned their lesson from SM so ewan kung me dumadayo.

    Mukang maganda sa tenga yang Chef's Quarter. Mahanap nga sa weekend.

  8. parati ako kumakain dun sa Reyes BBQ sa Riverbanks, masarap, ayos ang luto, ok ang value for money, wala akong reklamo. Kumakain ako sa ibang Reyes BBQ kaya alam ko consistent naman with the Reyes quality. Di ko pa lang na-try ung sa SM Marikina.

  9. I agree, yung sa Reyes Barbecue sa Riverbanks, Marikina has heavenly food!! I've also eaten in several other Reyes branches, consistent naman yung lasa.

    But I agree, I also tried the one in SM Marikina, so-so nga lang. My theory is that may isang pasaway na employee, since diba dapat may standard recipe silang sinusunod?

    I'm nearest sa Riverbanks, so dun ako lagi kumakain. Sobrang sarap yung combo ng Java Rice and liempo (my favorite!). Tapos ice-cold Coke. Ayan, natatakam na naman ako...

  10. After that awful SM Marikina lunch, I hesitated on trying the RiverBank branch as well. At least 2 anonymous confirmed they're still at par. That's comforting to know.

  11. You may check our official and ONLY website, which has just been relaunched.


    We have not authorized any party to operate reyesbarbecue.COM.

    Thank you.

  12. Heads-up!

    As requested by glacson, I updated the official Reyes Barbecue link used above.

    Besides there's seems to be no more updated activity in so I changed it to the much better looking